Marketing and Branding Strategist - AT Surgical Co. 
I am currently working with AT Surgical Co. out of Holyoke, Ma. AT Surgical has been a manufacturer and retailer of orthopedic braces and medical supplies for over 40 years. My position works with our specific products and finds new branding and marketing solutions to help drive sales and create a bigger presence in the markets that we serve. Tasks include search engine optimization, website building, blogging, and working various social media platforms. 
"May brings his various interests to bear in his approach to AT Surgical's digital department, delivering a productive, creative, & thoughtful style in his work. His ability to follow instructions with little need for direction makes a huge difference in my department, freeing up time to focus on my work. He possesses an elegance & wisdom that is beyond his years, remaining humble and open to instruction and new information, while his significantly developed problem-solving abilities remain solution-oriented. He would be an asset to any department, be it marketing, administration, or design."

- Jason Gallagher: Digital Director at AT Surgical Co.
Branding Development and Sales Executive - GenQueer
Partnering with AT Surgical Co. I have been working on a branding and distribution strategy for their brand of medical binders for the transgender and queer community. I have been using online analytics, selling data, and my own knowledge of the community to inform a strategic plan to market directly to college students and utilizing the local movement to motivate small business retailers to sell our products.  Tasks include everything for public relations, branding, marketing, selling, and product developement. Specific tasks range from building a website, blogging and social media, graphic design, to product development. 
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Marketing and Content Consultant - Dr. Susan Corso
Working with Dr. Susan Corso has been an amazingly rewarding experience. As a wellness and spirituality practitioner, she works with individuals and groups to get to the deepest route of issues they face and obliterates them. I have been assisting her slowly with her online presence on social media and through her website. We recently launched a new website for her main practice, and we're working towards a new website for her novel series The Mex Mysteries and related publications. I also handle her content across facebook, and youtube. Check out her newly redesigned website here: